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Track website behavior to identify visitors


Website visitor tracking solutions now offer identity resolution that enables you to link anonymous visitors to the company they represent. Now you can see how many people from “Acme Corp” visited your website in the past week, the pages they visited, what products they viewed, and how much time they spent on the site. Armed with this intelligence, you can run targeted or account-based campaigns to the buying groups at
that company.

Combining visitor tracking tools with automated workflows allows you to automate communications to accounts with meaningful activity on your website. it also creates the ability to monitor website activity around the clock so you’ll never miss a meaningful opportunity.


Use a visitor tracking tool to activate workflows based on triggers such as:

  • When X visitors from an account hit my website in a 48-hour period
  • When a visitor from an account views a specific product or pricing page
  • When a visitor spends X minutes on my website


Pull a list of all contacts at a relevant account that match the job level and function criteria for the typical buying group and add them to an account-based advertising campaign, marketing automation drip, or sales automation call campaign. The sequence should speak to their onsite behavior and offer them related content and or a product demo.

“Being able to catch prospects pre-inbound has led to higher meeting conversion rates and better email engagement because the content is hyper relevant to their recent behavior.”

Nina Wooten, Director of Demand Generation, ZoomInfo