Red carpet welcome for main point of contact

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While all new account users should be put into a welcome email sequence to ensure they are onboarded and trained to get value from your solution, the main point of contact (MPOC) deserves extra attention. They will be the person most familiar with the product at the outset of your relationship and may also be a champion user. Messaging and onboarding content should recognize the importance of the MPOC as the go-to person and offer them more frequent check-ins.

Giving the MPOC a red carpet, superstar welcome increases the likelihood of them becoming an advocate for the product. They will be more inclined to be an early adopter, provide positive reviews and feedback, offer testimonials or case studies, and ultimately fight for renewing the solution down the road.


• New sale closes and MPOC identified and flagged in the CRM


• Create a red-carpet welcome package for the MPOC, including an email sequence and frequent check-ins