Respond to negative customer reviews

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When a customer posts a negative review about your product, it can have a cascading effect that might discourage prospects from moving forward or even prompt other customers to rethink their purchase. You should designate a team to monitor popular review sites and forums and pass along negative client reviews to your sales or customer service reps. If it’s allowed by the review site or forum, a rep should post a response to the negative review and dig further into any issues raised.

A client who is unhappy may be more willing to try a competitor, so a quick response is critical. Concerns published in a negative review can often be resolved in a phone call. The customer may even be willing to change their score or review based on your intervention.


• A customer leaves a negative review of your product on a site or forum


• Alert the sales or customer service team about the review
• Respond to the poster’s comments if allowed by the site