Shorten forms to increase lead conversion

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Marketers spend immense amounts of resources to drive traffic to websites and landing page forms to collect data on prospects. Some even use progressive profiling to gather dozens of data points. These inputs are often necessary to ensure that leads get routed to the right sales rep. However, studies show that the number of fields required to fill on a form is inversely related to the conversion rate.

Enhancement software, like ZoomInfo’s FormComplete, can reduce the form fields to just one: a business email. From this single email, you can enrich incoming leads with more than 40 data points. And if no matching record for the email exists, the form can dynamically adjust and ask for the additional data points needed.


  • You are using forms with more than one required field
  • Your routing rules require a handful of data points
  • Your forms have poor conversion rates


  • Reduce the number of form fields and leverage your B2B data provider to fill in any missing information in real time.

“You can increase conversion rates from traffic to form submissions without reducing the quality of leads.”

Tal Raz, vice president of product growth at ZoomInfo