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Welcome nurture for new users


The first few weeks are critical to setting new customers up for success and increasing the likelihood of value realization and account renewal. New users should receive clear instructions for getting started, logging in, and authenticating to integrated systems, in addition to frequent automated touchpoints that guide them through their first weeks with the product. These messages should be delivered via email and in-app messaging. Typical emails include an overall introduction to the product, who will handle the account going forward, educational videos, and instructions for how to set up and use the solution. These should be followed up with a 30-day message from the customer success team checking in to see how things are going.

A welcome nurture creates a strong first impression for new customers, shows your commitment to delivering the value they perceived, and provides them with important information to quickly find success with your product and services in the first thirty days.  


  • New users are added
  • New users hit 30 days into their contract


  • Send an automated email sequence with various messages guiding users through their first 30 days.