Technographic targeting

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Examining technologies used, added, and dropped at a company can provide a wealth of important data to rank and determine potential prospects. For example, using ZoomInfo’s platform, you can filter by “technologies used” to classify companies as high, medium, or low in tech stack sophistication and identify whether their tech stack can integrate with yours. “Technologies added” can help identify changes in the fit level of a technology profile. Monitoring a company’s tech stack for competitive technologies also reveals risk of attrition.

Start by analyzing the technology profiles of your existing customers and adjust their ICP score. Use this adjusted ICP to target matching prospects. Set up alerts to be notified when prospects or named accounts add or drop technologies.


• Detect an account using a complementary technology or combination of technology.
• Detect an account adding or removing a technology


• Add new prospects to an email, call, or social media campaign based on changes to their technology stack