Define your ideal candidate

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When the need to hire a new person emerges, the first thing to do is define your ideal candidate. Set up an intake meeting with the hiring manager or client to specify their requirements. 


  • Agency recruiters receive a candidate search request from a client. 
  • In-house recruiters become aware of a new role or internal vacancy that has been approved by the HR department or talent acquisition team. 


Work with the hiring manager or client to determine the following:

  • Job description: These are the day-to-day duties that must be performed in the role
  • Job title: Decide on the position title to find people with the right experience
  • Seniority: Determine the level of experience required to perform the role
  • Tech Skills: Build a profile of the technologies the hire would have to use in the role
  • Goals: Figure out what this new hire has to achieve within the first 30, 60, and 90 days in the role
  • Salary: Decide on a fair and competitive compensation package for the role
  • Key qualities and soft skills: Understand the characteristics, temperament, and soft skills needed to execute the role 

Time to hire: Understand the urgency needed in filling the role and the time needed for onboarding

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