ZoomInfo’s 2022 Sustainability Report Recap

We’re excited to announce that our annual Sustainability Report has just been published.

At ZoomInfo, we are dedicated to the sustainability of our business, people, and communities. This means fostering an environment and building a platform of products that makes our employees and customers proud. 

This report looks at our environmental, social and governance responsibilities over the past year, along with our short- and long-term goals. We believe that publishing and providing annual updates on our goals will help us align and focus our work as a team, hold ourselves accountable, and measure our success.

We’ve released our second Sustainability Report to align with our commitment to sustainability and transparency. Here are some of the highlights. You can read the full report here

Growing the Right Way

We’ve grown significantly over the last year in several areas, including our profitability,  customer base, and team. In 2022, we crossed over $1 billion in annual revenue. We now have over 30,000 customers globally — an increase of over 20% since 2021. 

We also grew our team and have 3,500 employees, up from 2,700 just a year ago, and expanded in the United Kingdom and India. 

Employee Development

As we grew our employee base, we invested more resources to expand the professional development opportunities for our teammates. In 2022, we invested more than 117,000 hours in employee training and development. These commitments to career development are among the reasons we are able to promote our team members 2.5 times faster than our SaaS peers.

“We see people for their potential and invest in them, providing opportunities to learn and grow, while we help build their careers,” ZoomInfo founder and CEO Henry Schuck says. “We are proud of the investment that we have made in learning and development, and in training a generation of sales people.”

Fair and Transparent Compensation

Last year, we launched a Total Rewards Statement program that shows employees an itemized report of their total compensation. We introduced a free-to-employees medical care plan to ensure every employee has coverage, and enhanced our medical plan options to continue to provide high-quality coverage. 

We incorporated ESG retirement plan options into our benefits and launched our employee stock purchase plan, ensuring that all of our employees have the opportunity to participate in our long-term growth and success.

Building a Representative Workforce 

We made strides to increase diversity across the company, including increasing our female management demographic by 4%, minority representation in management roles by more than 5%, and minority representation in executive roles by more than 2%. 

We also added features to our platform that help our customers increase diversity at their companies. ZoomInfo TalentOS enables recruiters to more easily find and hire diverse talent through its expansive global database using diversity and inclusion filters. These filters highlight candidates from different backgrounds, broadening and diversifying the pool of talented individuals.

Supporting Our Communities 

ZoomInfo sponsors an annual fundraising drive through which our employees raise money to benefit local youth and family-focused nonprofit organizations. In 2022, we raised over $400,000 for 12 different organizations across five countries.

We also donated gently used IT equipment to local schools to help close the digital divide and contribute to education. And we donated more than $600,000 in platform licenses to numerous nonprofits and universities, a venture we plan to continue. 


By the end of 2022, over 95% of our cloud footprint was carbon neutral. We also help our customers reduce their carbon intensity by creating a more efficient pathway to their ideal customers. The average ZoomInfo customer reported a 63% increase in productivity and a 42% decrease in the number of travel days, according to our recent survey.

Last year ZoomInfo committed to reaching a global target of 100% Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon-neutrality by 2025. We intend to achieve this goal by shifting our operations to renewable energy sources and offsetting the remaining carbon balance.

Our engineering team employs green algorithms that develop and tune our software to both produce fast results and reduce energy usage. 

Privacy Leadership

“ZoomInfo is a privacy-first company,” Chief Compliance Officer Simon McDougall says. “This is important to us because it is the right thing to do — both for customers who want to use our data with confidence, and for the contacts in our database who want to understand how we use information about them.”

We’re committed to maintaining and further securing the privacy of both our customers and those with information in our database. In 2022, we sent over 70 million privacy notices, resulting in more than 90% of our total emailable universe receiving notice. We had an average opt-out rate of less than 0.25% and launched the Business Contact Preference Registry, a global database of opt-out requests. This registry gives individuals more control of their data and a simpler solution for opting-out of ZoomInfo and similar services. 

We founded the Business Information Coalition, which brings together B2B professionals to share best practices on privacy regulations and data management, as well as develop a cohesive industry voice.

We also joined the SAFECode network, where some of the world’s largest and best-known technology companies share security and privacy strategies to learn from each other. This network works to prevent cybersecurity attacks, close vulnerabilities, and solve technical challenges.

How We’re Doing

We were honored to receive numerous awards celebrating our workplace, culture, diversity, and teams.

Many of our 2021 environmental, social, and governance goals were checked off. Among those that we’re particularly proud of include the founding of a new employee resource group that supports Latin & Hispanic professional development, earning the TRUSTe Enterprise Privacy Seal, and prioritizing cloud vendors based on carbon impact to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

What’s Next

While we have accomplished a lot in 2022, we continue to strive to get 1% better every day. Our short-term goals include once again donating over $500,000 in platform licenses to non-profits and universities, implementing a carbon emissions management program, and further aligning our pay to performance by increasing the portion of executive compensation connected to company performance.

We will continue to pursue our long-term goals of increasing diversity across our board of directors, formalizing a corporate social responsibility framework, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2025. 

“I want to reiterate what I said last year: our journey is a marathon, not a sprint,” Schuck says. “We realize we have more to do in all parts of the organization to live up to the potential and market opportunity before us. Sharing who we are, and our culture of difference makers, is an important and consistent step in our sustainability journey.”

Read the report here.