2024 Go-to-Market Predictions: Expert Webinar Series

The era of relentless expansion has passed. Today’s market calls for efficient, strategic growth and data-driven strategies that prioritize the bottom line.

Join us for 2024 Go-to-Market Predictions, an exclusive webinar series where industry experts dive into the trends and forces reshaping business.

See what’s ahead and get insights from top go-to-market leaders. Explore our three most-debated go-to-market predictions for 2024 in this three-part webinar series, and find out how top GTM teams thrive in any conditions and meet challenges head-on. 

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Account-Based GTM Becomes the Biggest Center of Gravity in B2B

The marketing industry has shifted from inaccurate advertising and vague ROIs to granular tracking, lead scoring, and optimization. But even with a greater focus on account-based marketing, GTM teams still risk missing the big picture.

Join experts January 31 at 1 p.m. ET to explore this 2024 GTM prediction.

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Warm Calling Puts Old-School Outreach on Ice

In 2024, cold calling isn’t going anywhere. Instead, it’s increasing conversion rates, saving time for sales teams, and improving prospects’ experience. What’s behind this change?

Join GTM experts on February 28 at 1 .p.m ET to find out what’s heating up cold calls.

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CRMs Take a Back Seat to Interconnected Data Sources

Sales tech has enabled the creation of enormous value in the past 25 years. But GTM professionals are increasingly finding that CRMs are messy at best — and often overburdened with data orchestration workflows. 

In 2024, we believe that trend will reach a breaking point.

Join GTM experts on March 27 at 1 p.m. ET to find out why.

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