Address low feature usage

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When customers aren’t using the full scope of the product they’re paying for, there’s a down-sell risk. Take a look at what each customer is paying for and pinpoint features that are underutilized or not used at all. Then deploy customer messaging highlighting the benefits and value of those features to show them how they can derive maximum value from their subscription. Offer support to help each customer set up the unused feature and familiarize them with how it works.

Run this play at scale by analyzing product usage data and automating the messaging campaign. Higher product utilization translates to more upsells.


• A customer has access to a product that has features or products that are underutilized


• Analyze customer usage data to see which customers aren’t fully using your product
• Deploy a campaign sequence at scale that helps them understand the value they’d get out of using a specific product feature
• Offer support to help them set up the underutilized features