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Go/no-go on aging opportunities


When an opportunity has been in limbo for a few months with no decision, an effective way to bring it back to life is with outreach from your leadership team. By leveraging the credibility of your company leaders, you can get prospects to provide a ‘yes or no’ answer on continuing to pursue your solution. 

The goal is to unlock movement in aged opportunities so that reps don’t miss out because they haven’t gotten a clear answer or commitment from the buyer. Additionally, sending automated messaging from leadership can save time for the team by creating a sense of urgency for the buyer to respond. Even if the prospect doesn’t want to continue (or can’t be convinced), the rep can then move on and focus their efforts on companies more likely to buy.


  • Aged deal (example: 2-3 months of no decision) at end of month, quarter, or year


  • Automated email sent via sales leader