Automate ideal customer profiles (ICPs)

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Setting up scoring models to target the best-fit, highest priority accounts is essential for optimizing outbound prospecting performance. Many scoring models rely on CRM data to seed and train the model to return an ideal customer profile — but that data is often inaccurate or incomplete.

ZoomInfo’s Artificial Intelligence Ideal Customer Profiles (AI ICPs) analyze account profiles for deals won and lost, customer attributes, firmographics, technologies, and other relevant data points, to create ICPs. You can further prioritize with buyer intent and other actionable insights.


  • No ICP exists or it is not supported by data


  • Export list of accounts that were closed won (good fit) or closed lost (bad fit)
  • Import list of accounts to generate an automatic ICP
  • Use the ICP attributes discovered to identify other lookalike accounts
  • Focus outbound prospecting on these accounts

“Targeting the best fit, highest priority accounts is the name of the game for optimizing performance and producing ideal outcomes.”

Nina Wooten, Director of Demand Generation at ZoomInfo