Cold booking

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A prospect initiates communication—maybe they fill out a form or request a demo—but you can’t get a hold of them. Send a calendar invite to this inbound lead with engaging messaging. New technology even makes it possible to book a meeting on their calendar.

This is a last-ditch effort to make a connection, and it’s a little risky to schedule a meeting without a qualified call first. But getting a meeting on the calendar is worthwhile. There’s a good chance the prospect will take the meeting. Even if they accept the invitation by accident and want to renegotiate, they might offer you something to get out of it.


• You receive an inbound lead but cannot reach them


• Send an engaging message and calendar invite to schedule a pitch meeting
• This can be automated to go out (5) days after the form fill if no meeting has been set.
• Cold book a meeting on their calendar and follow up with an email.