Competitive takeaway

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Pull a list of companies that are using competitive technology. Reach out to those companies and invite them to participate in a side-by-side comparison of the two solutions to demonstrate your product’s unique strengths. If they don’t engage, you can nurture them with email or direct mail detailing the differences between the products.

Run this play on an automated, ongoing basis to capture all companies who add a competitive solution. With software like ZoomInfo Workflows, you can set up a trigger to identify when target companies add a competitive technology and automatically add them to an email sequence. Automate this message and build a template that outlines reasons why they should switch to your product, focusing on your unique strengths relative to each competitor.


  • Competitive technology added to a company


  • Identify companies that are using competitive technologies
  • Detect account is partnered with competitor 
  • Initiate “bake off” email sequence and/or direct mail gifting program