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Competitor mention on sales call


When researching whether to buy a technology, professionals encounter a variety of materials put out by competitors and participate in conversations that shape their preferences and perspectives about the different offerings in a category. Prospects don’t always leave those conversations with a full picture of how one solution compares to another. 

When competitors are mentioned on a sales call, run an automated nurture program with the contact that highlights your competitive advantages relative to that competitor. This play gives you the opportunity to go deeper and reframe a buyer’s perspective about your solution relative to the competitive landscape — and do it consistently regardless of the individual sales rep.  


  • A competitor is mentioned on a sales call


  • Competitive differentiator follow-up sequence based on competitor mention in prospect interactions from conversational intelligence 
  • Add your contact to an automated nurture program that highlights the competitive differentiation points relative to a competitor. 
  • Flag the conversation and notify employees responsible for competitive intelligence.