ZoomInfo Customer Impact: 32 Percent More Revenue, 1.5X Pipeline Growth

Whether they’re navigating economic headwinds, technological disruption, or intense competition, more than 35,000 businesses worldwide rely on ZoomInfo to fine-tune their marketing campaigns, scale their sales outreach, and identify prospects who are primed to purchase.

ZoomInfo’s Customer Impact Report 2024 brings these stories into sharp focus. Over the past several months, our teams have surveyed some 7,000 ZoomInfo users to learn more about how we help go-to-market professionals meet their ambitious goals.

Here’s what we heard: ZoomInfo drives dramatically higher revenue, swells marketing pipelines, and claws back days of productivity for frontline sellers who are overwhelmed by inefficient research and prospecting tools.

Tangible ROI for GTM Teams

ZoomInfo’s Customer Impact Report 2024 reveals that, on average, ZoomInfo customers generate 32% more revenue, gains that hold true across every major market segment, audience demographic, and geographical region.

ZoomInfo customers report earning 32% more revenue thanks to our platform.

In addition to the strong revenue gains made possible by ZoomInfo, the ROI of ZoomInfo’s products is felt at every stage of the marketing funnel. Marketers using ZoomInfo were able to increase both the quality and volume of leads generated, equaling an increase in pipeline of 46% – roughly 1.5X growth over non-ZoomInfo users.

ZoomInfo Offers Higher Productivity, Better Engagement, and Greater Revenues

Sales and marketing professionals have never had so many tools or data sources to work with. But in too many cases, the rapid growth of B2B data products and services has done little to improve the productivity of the average frontline salesperson or marketer. 

In fact, many frontline GTM professionals feel overwhelmed by the amount of tools and data at their disposal, with recent data from Salesforce indicating that 66% of marketers have missed opportunities due to an overabundance of data.

ZoomInfo understands the challenges facing frontline GTM teams, and every day our platform helps busy sales and marketing professionals do more with less. On average, ZoomInfo users were 64% more productive thanks to our platform.

Sales development representatives (SDRs) in particular reported average time savings of 18 minutes per prospect, equivalent to more than 13 hours every week.

The average Sales Development Rep is able to save 18 minutes of prospect research using ZoomInfo, which averages out to more than 13 hours a week.

ZoomInfo Offers Superior Data

Modern companies live and die by the quality of their data. Even the most sophisticated go-to-market (GTM) motions are doomed to fail if the underlying data is unreliable — which is why ZoomInfo’s data is far and away the most popular with our users.

In our survey, virtually every one of our users – 95% – said they prefer ZoomInfo’s data to that of competing providers, due to our unparalleled demographic, firmographic, and geographic coverage. 

And we’re still not satisfied. Over the past few years, ZoomInfo has made significant investments in the expansion of our international data, and we’re delighted to see the positive response to those investments. 

Of our customers in the Asia-Pacific region, 95% preferred our data over that of other providers, and 88% of customers in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region preferred ZoomInfo data.

ZoomInfo: Modernizing GTM for All

We believe passionately in modernizing GTM for businesses of all stripes — an equalizing force that enables the smallest, scrappiest startups to reach new audiences using the same tools as the Fortune 100.

In addition to highlighting the significant benefits offered by ZoomInfo’s products, our annual Customer Impact Report has become a unique way for us to gain greater insights into how our customers are using our tools and data to grow their businesses every single day. 

In producing this year’s report, we have been inspired to see our customers grow alongside us, and we look forward to maintaining that momentum in 2024 and beyond.

Download the full Customer Impact Report 2024 today to explore more about how ZoomInfo is helping GTM professionals uncover insights, engage customers, and win faster — every day.