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Immediately follow up with demo no-shows


Finally, it’s demo day, but you end up with a patchwork of no-shows. Within minutes of the missed appointment, send a brief, conversational email to late-to-the-party leads to set up a new demo time.

Create a plan ahead of time to catch prospects who let a demo slip by. Segment the missing leads into individuals and large-group decision-makers. Pull up the contact info for all the no-shows and send them emails to re-engage. 


  • Prospect no-shows a meeting with no heads up 


  • SDR calls at the scheduled meeting time to try to get the prospect back on, then immediately puts the prospect in a “no show sequence” and sends the email. The SDR calls the person again later that day, then once per day until after the sequence is complete. SDR task the person up to call again later that day and every day after until sequence finishes