Increase Meeting Show Rate

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A robust meeting confirmation plan is the first step toward closing the deal. If possible, send an invite while you’re on the phone with the prospect and try to get them to accept the meeting. If you can’t get confirmation on the phone, work to have it accepted by the end of the day. If it isn’t accepted by the end of the day, email the prospect, shoot a text to the lead’s mobile phone number, or give the prospect a quick call. For strategic accounts, consider sending a gift or a gift card.

Once accepted, send a reminder email the night before
the meeting. If there’s no response, call the day of the meeting to ensure the time works. If the lead doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail and text message saying you are looking forward to your meeting. Send an automated email reminder 10 minutes before with the Zoom link.


  • A meeting is scheduled with a prospect or customer


  • Initiate a sequence to all invitees