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Leverage G2 Crowd Review from a prospect’s competitor to demonstrate value


You’ve got a lead that’s close to signing. Let’s say it’s the CIO of a mid-sized company that has the perfect firmographic and technographic attributes. In fact, they’re a clone of your ideal and most profitable customer. But then there’s an unexpected objection and the executive says, “Just so you know, we are weighing our options — we’re considering another vendor.” 

Take Action: Find a G2 Crowd review of your company — or, better yet, from your prospective client’s competitor — to help steer the conversation back in the right direction. Leverage those reviews to demonstrate to your prospect how companies like theirs are benefitting from your solution. 


  • A G2 crowd review is published.


  • For each review published on G2 crowd, identify the competitive set of companies and run this play to them.