Modern GTM by ZoomInfo: What Makes Our B2B Private Community Different

After a whirlwind of planning, recruiting, and testing, we’re happy to say that today marks the full public launch of Modern GTM, a space dedicated to modernizing go-to-market for all. Facilitated through live sessions and exclusive events, the community is designed to hone your skills as an individual contributor or frontline manager in sales, marketing, or revenue operations.

We’ve been fortunate to learn from many great technology companies that have built strong communities around great products. And while we’re nowhere near the first, we do believe that the timing of this launch says something larger about the maturity of the GTM sector as a whole.  

Private communities powered by B2B companies are quite simply an arm of the modern customer engagement strategy. But a community built solely around bottom-line motives is destined to fail.

That’s why we’ve built Modern GTM from the ground up to serve the people who make up the GTM universe, and not our own tools. We pledge not to sell ZoomInfo products and services to you — unless you want them! — because our goal is to drive value for our community members and to never violate the trust they’ve instilled in us by joining a non-product focused community. 

Modern GTM exists to highlight and grow the awareness and value of cross-functional GTM as a recognized discipline and an important engine of growth, both personally and professionally. 

What Makes Modern GTM Different?

Modernizing Go-to-Market for All

We’re bringing together sales, marketing, and RevOps professionals to help them solve real-world business challenges through conversations with peers, exclusive weekly events with GTM experts, and access to the GTM secrets that helped ZoomInfo become a billion-dollar company.

And we’re harnessing the power of our collective members, too. We’re compiling GTM strategies from the world’s best companies — and leveraging those lessons to share our collective secrets so you can modernize your GTM, too.

Impactful Real-World Programming

We’re developing weekly programs for members featuring experts offering real-world experience and tips that you can use to level up your GTM game.

Starting this month, we’re kicking off twice-weekly exclusive community programming, with a combination of external thought leaders to host live sessions and internal ZoomInfo experts leading discussions on important topics in sales, marketing and RevOps. 

Upcoming programming includes:

  • “Creating Content That Resonates with Your B2B Audience” with Mark Kilens and Nick Bennett, Tack
  • “Video Messaging for Prospecting” with Melissa Gaglione, Deel
  • “Cooking & Content” with Will Aitken – a special event on social selling and personal branding
  • “Top 5 Qualities of High-Performing SDR Teams” with Brian Vital, ZoomInfo
  • “A Modern Approach to GTM” with Ben Salzman and Millie Beetham, ZoomInfo
  • “AI School” with Jam Khan, ZoomInfo – a five-day series focused on selling with AI, including an AMA. 

And as the community continues to evolve, we’ll be introducing in-person gatherings at both events sponsored by ZoomInfo and community-specific events.

Tactical Daily Discussions and Learnings 

Our community members are having daily discussions about what’s happening on the front lines of the GTM world, including:

  • How to advance from an SDR to AE
  • Email frameworks and tips for cold messaging
  • How to successfully multi-thread in accounts and whether it’s necessary in a deal cycle
  • Top social selling tips
  • Whether you should pitch on a cold call
  • Prospecting researching tips
  • … and so much more

A Unique Place for Our Customers and Champions

Finally, we wanted to ensure that Modern GTM was a unique place for our ZoomInfo Champions to collaborate and learn. The Champions program, which recently relaunched with added opportunities and benefits, is an exclusive community of business leaders and innovators who use ZoomInfo to fuel their GTM strategies. 

Champions will have access to a private space within the Modern GTM community to network with peers, connect with ZoomInfo leaders, and grow their skills with expert tutorials not available anywhere else.

Join Us in Building Modern GTM

Strong networks and durable communities don’t happen by accident. We know from experience that today’s GTM professionals are hungry for the peer connections, expert advice, and engaging conversations that are at the core of Modern GTM — simply put, we built the community the industry needs, with the people we always wanted to have in our corner.

If you’re an individual contributor or frontline manager, we hope that you’ll join us in the Modern GTM community as we build this new space together.