Target Account Digests: Engage Buyers at the Right Time With ZoomInfo Copilot

Engaging the right buyers at the right time is the key to success for any sales team. 

ZoomInfo Copilot’s Personalized Target Account Digest feature empowers go-to-market professionals by alerting them when their most promising prospects exhibit the right signals. 

Here’s how ZoomInfo Copilot alerts you to your most promising prospects when they generate high-value signals, allowing you to act fast and maximize your chances of success.

3 Key Features of the Personalized Target Account Digest

ZoomInfo Copilot’s account digest makes it easy to know which immediate actions to take to move an account forward. Sellers can let the signals drive their actions with features like:

1. Real-Time Alerts on Intent Spikes

Keep an eye on your target accounts and receive alerts when there is a noticeable rise in interest based on any intent signals

These spikes show a growing curiosity about your products or services — making it the ideal moment to reach out and engage with prospects.

2. Executive Shake-up Notifications

Never miss executive changes within your target accounts. ZoomInfo Copilot notifies you when key decision-makers join or leave a company. 

Not only does this information allow you to adjust your sales strategy, it positions you to seize new opportunities when they come. 

3. Funding Surge Updates

Receive timely updates, wherever you’re working, when your target accounts secure new funding rounds. 

You’ll always know which prospects have increased buying power so you can prioritize outreach efforts, increasing the odds of getting to closed-won.

Benefits of Using a Personalized Target Account Digest

  • Improved buyer engagement: Establish stronger connections and build trust by engaging prospects when they are most receptive — ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Increased sales efficiency: Focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities with ZoomInfo Copilot’s alerts. Save time that would otherwise be spent on less viable prospects.
  • Seamless integration: Copilot’s digest delivers alerts wherever you prefer to work, whether it’s through email, your CRM, or other sales tools

Let Signals Drive Your Actions

ZoomInfo Copilot’s Personalized Target Account Digest is a game-changer for sales and marketing teams looking to engage buyers at the right time. 

With intent signals, executive changes, and funding updates, sellers elevate their prospect engagement process and drive better results. 
Let the signals drive your actions with ZoomInfo Copilot today and experience the difference it can make in your go-to-market strategy.