Personalized touch to close big deal at end of month/quarter

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For bigger prospects you are trying to close at the end of a month or quarter, send them a personalized piece of content such as a video from the CEO or a sales leader or a bespoke sales deck. This should include a recap of what they heard on previous calls and something specific about their situation, goals, targets, and your products that would benefit their needs. 

Set up a few templates and standard frameworks to make it scalable. For example, put a script in front of your CEO with personalized notes for 10 different clients and have him record them all in a 30-minute session. This video should send the message to the prospect that they’re a high priority and will be taken care of. Personalization and executive touch can help draw out insights from the buyer that may not have been shared otherwise and motivate them to solidify the partnership.


  • Big opportunity open at end of month or end of quarter that meets some appropriate dollar threshold


  • Send an email containing personalized content