Track personnel changes

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Personnel changes create great prospecting opportunities. For example, when a new executive is hired, they typically look to make their mark in the first 90 days, including evaluating existing technology and services and buying new ones. Getting in front of these executives early gives you the opportunity to influence their agenda and increase your chances of winning a deal. Plus, a new job is a natural conversation starter, since people are already fielding plenty of congratulations from their extended networks.

Personnel moves can also reveal strategic changes at a company. For example, knowing which companies are hiring
new executives in data science or corporate finance can tell you a lot about where they’re headed in the near future.


  • Personnel news: Executive moves, hiring plans, lateral moves, layoffs, company exits, management moves, new hires, open positions, promotions.


  • Initiate a personalized nurture sequence that starts with an acknowledgment of the signal type (“Congratulations on the promotion or the new role!”)