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Proactive go-back on lost opportunities


Every sales rep has been there: you work on closing a prospect for weeks, you finally discuss pricing, and at the last second, the prospect loses interest. While it’s tempting to mark them closed-lost and forget about them — don’t. Instead, set up an automated sales flow to re-engage the opportunity after 90 days have passed. 

While you should reconnect with your previous point of contact at the account, use your B2B data intelligence platform to identify and reach out to other key decision-makers on the account, too. This will help increase the closed-won rate of good-fit opportunities that were previously thought dead.


  • 90 days elapsed after closed lost dated-lost for at least 60 days and the account has visited your website in the last 30 days.


  • Initiate two-pronged outreach to point of contact from the dead opportunity and additional contacts from the likely buying committee.