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Re-Engage Stalled Free Trials


The demo-to-free-trial model works well for decision-makers and end users, as well as your sales team. At the end of the trial, your lead will have a solid product introduction and your team should know the lead well enough to drive home the benefits of your product. 

But what happens to accounts that go into post-trial limbo — and all you hear is radio silence?

Take Action: Send a personalized free trial reactivation offer. Entice your lead with a hand-picked case study, a bulleted list of concise benefits (customized to their business), and a calendar link in the email to set up a call. Before hitting send, you drop in a subject line: “Your Trial Ended. What’s Next?” 


  • Open opportunity with expired free trial (opportunity is dead or stalled)


  • Email with offer to reactivate trial