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Enliven degraded opportunities


Generate a list of 60-day old open opportunities that have gone 45 days without a meeting. Then send an email from your CRO, or VP, or director on the sales team to the main point of contact on each opportunity. The revenue operations team should identify other potential contacts to multithread communications. After the emails go out, send a call-behind list to the SDR team to track down next-step meetings for the respective opportunity owners.


  • Run a monthly report on open opportunities that are at least 60 days old and have gone 45 days without a meeting.


  • Send the list to the opportunity owner to confirm or deny inclusion in a sequence to re-engage the opportunities. The sequence is an email to the main point of contact from an executive at your company. Identify other good-fit contacts at the account (multi-threading) and add them to a sequence sent from the opportunity owner’s manager. Have an SDR follow up with a call after emails are sent.