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Replace key contact at customer account after main point of contact departure


The relationship with your main point of contact with a customer is critically important to renewing and growing your business. When your main point of contact leaves, you may find no clear owner or accountability for getting value from their investment in your solution. This puts you at a high risk for churn if there’s no clear handoff within the organization. 

This play is designed to quickly restore that ownership and ensure accountability for the success of the relationship. It protects you from slipping through the cracks during the transition. If you’ve managed the account appropriately, you should have clear points of contact within the account that provide a backstop to the departure of the main point of contact. However, if you only have a single contact, you can use a solution like ZoomInfo to identify their replacement, or connect with other peers or leaders to re-establish the relationship.


  • Main POC leaves an account


  • Reach out by phone and email to other contacts at the account and those above them or their replacement if known