Reinventing President’s Club in 2021

What do you do when all your plans fall out from under your feet? 

After a big deep breath and maybe a (couple) of beer(s), we adapt. It’s what humans do best and this year that effort took center stage. 

We are used to celebrating big moments with our friends and colleagues. 

We love the energy in the room when we sign a new client. 

We thrive on the thrill of that “deal closed” handshake. 

This year, we’ve reimagined a lot of our energizing in-person moments. But one event in particular has weighed heavy on our mind. 

Reimagining President’s Club | Best President’s Club Trips Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to consider for the coveted President’s Club. 

Does 2020 really have to take away all of our favorite things? 

Everyone who works in sales dreams about achieving President’s Club status.

It’s the big leagues and the experience is definitely worth the hustle. But this year, most companies had to push their events out. 

Each sales person’s motivation is unique, and while the financial incentives motivate many, a President’s Club award that comes with recognition and a unique prize also provides motivation. 

In lieu of events, what do sales leaders do to get that extra 5% of motivation out of their team in the last weeks of Q4?

While a sales retreat sounds like a trivial thing to be considering in this moment, consider its implications. 

When deployed well, incentives have a material impact on the overall performance of the company. These tokens of gratitude really give all reps, not just those that win, a goal to strive for.

The concept is that the contest is meaningful enough that it can drive the behavior of high performing and highly compensated reps and encourage them to go above and beyond their normal performance expectations.

So what alternative can encourage the same level of performance?

Alternative #1: Give A Travel Voucher Equivalent To The Trip

Not quite a ‘rain check’ but this option empowers your team to travel where they want. Not to mention, it allows them to make their own decisions about when they feel safe enough to travel again.

Although this recognizes the reps and provides incentives, it can lack the impact and cultural motivation of a group event.

Alternative #2: Combine The 2020 Club With The 2021 Club Event 

If we’re being honest, there are near-matches but nothing really beats President’s Club.

This option allows you to keep the event intact while also ensuring your sales team is safe and productive. 

But how will we keep 2020 reps motivated if they know they’ve made the list already? Great question.

There should be some clear parameters in place. For example, you could mandate that reps need to at minimum achieve X in order to qualify.

You could even create additional incentives for achieving the club gates both years. Things like an extension of stay, first class tickets or a suite versus a standard room –these little extras will spark the flame of competition between your top tier reps. 

Moving Forward with Sales President’s Club Ideas

We’re stepping into 2021 with a deep understanding that change is the only constant. 

As we continue to answer questions about the sales landscape post-COVID, we know the next big change is probably just around the corner.

You should always have a plan B (and C, D, E). Keep your eye on the goalpost because it’s going to keep moving.