The ZoomInfo Modern GTM Index: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

One of the most urgent challenges facing businesses today is objectively evaluating their true go-to-market (GTM) capabilities.

How reliable is the data? How lean is the tech stack? Are frontline sales and marketing teams working together, or against one another? Are campaigns and plays automated and coordinated, or one-off shots in the dark?

Until now, it’s been difficult for many companies to definitively answer these questions, leading to misaligned expectations, wasted spend, and missed opportunities.

ZoomInfo has been helping businesses of all sizes go to market for nearly 20 years, and we’ve worked with over 35,000 different customers. We’ve transformed our significant institutional knowledge into a practical framework that any company can use to evaluate the strength of their GTM strategies: the ZoomInfo Modern GTM Index.

What Is the Modern GTM Index? 

The Modern GTM Index is a free online assessment that takes just a few minutes to complete. Business leaders can use this to evaluate the effectiveness of their GTM strategy. 

As ZoomInfo’s Calen Holbrooks and Andrew Riesenfeld explained in a recent webinar, the Modern GTM Index can benchmark a company’s GTM strategy against what we see are the most effective approaches. We’ve made it easier for businesses of all sizes to understand how they’re doing, identify weaknesses, and take informed steps to improve.

“We’ve done this with thousands of customers, and we’ve done it with hundreds of the Fortune 500, and it’s always interesting to see the results they get,” Riesenfeld says.

Origins of the Modern GTM Index

The Modern GTM Index was originally conceived by Riesenfeld and Ben Salzman of ZoomInfo Labs at a company offsite in 2022. 

A firm believer in replicable, scalable processes, Riesenfeld began sketching out the beginnings of what would eventually become the foundation of the Modern GTM Index by mapping how companies collect, govern, and leverage their data alongside the sophistication of their engagement strategies, initially represented as a linear maturity curve.

It didn’t take Riesenfeld and ZoomInfo’s GTM team long, however, to begin iterating upon and refining his original concept. 

Today, the Modern GTM Index still bears a strong resemblance to its earlier prototype, mapping the centralization of a business’ GTM intelligence with the orchestration of engagement automation, in a visual matrix.

How Can Companies Use the Modern GTM Index?

Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your GTM approach using the Modern GTM Index couldn’t be easier.

To determine how sophisticated your GTM approach is, simply answer a series of 10 multiple-choice questions about your current GTM initiatives. These questions cover a range of topics, from the extent of your automation efforts to the types of data you use.

Upon completion, the Modern GTM Index will score your efforts on a scale of 1-100 and provide an overview of what’s working well and areas that could benefit from more attention. The results, including actionable recommendations for improvement, are then delivered by email.

Each recommendation provided by the Modern GTM Index is immediately actionable and directs users to additional learning resources for each area of opportunity.

Unlock Insights, Engage Customers, Win Faster

Today, businesses of all sizes, in every industry and vertical, must modernize their GTM approach if they hope to remain competitive. It’s no longer enough to focus on and pursue growth at all costs — businesses must reckon with the cost implications of their GTM strategies and maximize ROI wherever possible.

Take the first step toward modernizing your GTM today so you can unlock insights, engage more customers, and win faster.