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Unviewed DocuSign follow-up


Your sales representative has been working on an opportunity for months. To close the deal, she needs a key stakeholder to complete the DocuSign contract. But for some reason, the contract hasn’t been signed — maybe new priorities have popped up, or the point of contact is waiting on final approval from higher-ups.

The rep is juggling several other deals in the pipeline, so it’s challenging for her to be proactive about finalizing the contract. An automated, executive-sponsored email sequence can handle the heavy lifting required to stay on top of the key stakeholder and prevent the deal from stalling.


  • No engagement with DocuSign contract in 48 hours


  • Initiate email sequence from a sales leader 

“The qualitative value of responses is the real win here, as it has surfaced many stuck DocuSigns and helped us identify a path forward.”

-Dominique Catabay, manager of revenue generation at ZoomInfo