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Use deal velocity to adapt approach


ZoomInfo InboxAI is a solution that mines the email inboxes and calendars of your customer-facing representatives (sales, account management, customer success, etc.) and captures contacts and populates them in the SalesForce CRM along with all of the associated activity (calls, emails, and meetings). InboxAI is then able to analyze that activity and apply an engagement score to contacts, accounts, and opportunities. 

We use InboxAI engagement score to gauge deal velocity based on the volume and frequency of inbound and outbound emails, meetings, and calls. We have found InboxAI to be a better predictor of opportunity likelihood to close than other signals or qualitative commentary from sales reps. By tracking this activity, we are able to target deals that are slowing with a drop in communication and re-engage. The goal is for an SDR or AE to schedule a meeting. If a deal is accelerating, lean in and try to close out the deal. If the deal is decelerating as measured by the number of days in a stage, re-engage with AEs and SDRs to get the deal moving again. 


  • Increase or decrease in engagement score
  • Time stuck in sales stage 


  • Email to schedule additional meeting