What’s New: Admin Portal, ZoomInfo Talent, and Chorus Updates

Updates this month to the ZoomInfo platform include a refreshed admin portal experience, ZoomInfo Talent feature improvements, and upgrades within our Chorus platform. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new. 

Admin Portal

We now offer customizable Do Not Call suppression options within our admin portal. Admins can select specific countries they would like to activate this feature for, or turn it on for all countries. 

We’ve also updated the Usage Insights within the admin portal so you can see exactly how your teams are using ZoomInfo Sales.

You can view a visualization of credits spent per application among Web, ReachOut, Mobile, API, and native apps. You can also access searches by type, filter the dashboard by user group, and subscribe to have analytics sent straight to your email inbox.

ZoomInfo Talent

We’ve updated the filters within ZoomInfo Talent so that users can search for candidates based on US time zones instead of location. This will bring a broader radius to your candidate search and capture more candidates who fit your criteria beyond a certain city or state. With ZoomInfo Talent, your search for the right candidate is now more limitless than ever. 


We’ve also upgraded ReachOut to integrate with Chorus. Now, you can use ReachOut to research companies and individuals directly within the Chorus platform, giving you a more comprehensive search view. Even better, you can research decision-makers and company details, and look up key contact data without switching between products. 

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