What’s the Scoop? Jun 24, 2022

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To give you a better idea of all that can be found within the feature, we’ve pulled together these 10 recent Scoops.

1. More layoffs
Netflix and Tesla are among the latest companies to announce layoffs in response to uncertain market conditions. Earlier this month, Coinbase, Paypal, Compass, and iHeartMedia also announced layoffs. But ZoomInfo is still hiring 👀

2. Speaking of Tesla
Tesla is the subject of a lawsuit filed by former employees. They claim the recent layoffs violated federal law by failing to provide them with the required advance notice under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

3. Internet ex-Explorer
After 27 years, Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer. 90’s kids are left with overwhelming nostalgia and web developers can breathe a sigh of relief. 

4. No revelry for Revlon
Revlon has filed for bankruptcy, citing supply chain disruptions that have caused intense competition for ingredients used in its cosmetics. Under the filing, Revlon will be able to continue operating while working to pay back its lenders.

5. The Chevron way
In a move to become one of the leading renewable fuel companies in the US, Chevron has completed the acquisition of Renewable Energy Group. Additionally, the former CEO of REG has been brought onto Chevron’s board of directors.

6. Modernized medicine
Oracle has acquired Cerner, an electronic health record company. Oracle plans to use its cloud technology to build a unified national health record database that would pull data from thousands of hospital-based systems. This has the potential to transform the US healthcare system by giving doctors faster access to patient records, and the ability to build AI models to help diagnose diseases.

7. Timely exits
Equifax is launching an “offboarding” product that it says will help companies more efficiently process the paperwork and administrative tasks required when employees leave a company.

8. Swoosh switch
Nike is deactivating its Run Club app in China and instead will release a localized platform for Chinese runners. Nike is the latest in a recent series of Western companies to change their business model in mainland China due to compliance and operational challenges. 

9. Sweet deal
Mondelez, the Chicago-based snack food giant responsible for Oreos and Ritz, has acquired Clif Bar & Co. for $2.9 billion. 

10. Breach alert
Flagstar Bank, one of the largest financial service providers in the US, has announced a security breach that occurred around six months ago and affected an estimated 1.5 million customers. This is their second data incident in two years. 

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