What’s the Scoop? June 10, 2022

Inside the ZoomInfo platform, we carefully curate actionable insights sourced through web crawlers, automated surveys, and our in-house research team. ZoomInfo builds these valuable data points, which we call Scoops, to help you hit your number. 

Scoops can be filtered by company size, date, location, and business type to make sure you’re seeing the most important and applicable updates.

Under the umbrella of Scoops data, you’ll find:

  • Financial news, like mergers and acquisitions or funding announcements
  • General business happenings, like awards, events, partnerships, and expansions
  • Opportunity Scoops, like projects and company pain points 
  • Personnel updates, like new hires, layoffs, and open positions

Here’s a list of 10 top Scoops from the past couple weeks:  

  1. E-Commerce in a snap
    Snapchat camera platform for Android and iOS. The integration makes e-commerce more accessible and shareable. 
  2. Go Square!
    Square has entered into an agreement to acquire GoParrot, a digital ordering and marketing platform for restaurants. This gives restaurateurs more control over their customer experience with a customizable white-label app.
  3. Vacation, anyone?
    Goldman Sachs has implemented a new policy that will allow employees in partner and managing director positions an unlimited number of vacation days. They also expect that all employees take a minimum of three weeks off work per year. This move was made to attract more candidates and retain employees during an especially difficult time for hiring. 
  4. Data-backed business
    Marriott has partnered with Yahoo on plans to launch Marriott Media Network, an advertising network that will use hotel guests’ data to allow advertisers to present targeted ads on the hotel’s websites.
  5. Put your money where your mouth is
    Microsoft has announced plans to increase employee salaries and benefits, including a 25% increase in the annual stock award ranges. In light of the current applicant market, this decision will help with retention and hiring.
  6. It’s a bird, it’s a plane …
    Walmart announced plans to expand its drone delivery services to six new states, competing with the likes of Amazon and FedEx. They will deliver up to 10 pounds by drone in as little as 30 minutes for only $3.99.
  7. See ya later, Starbucks
    In reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Starbucks has announced plans to shut down an estimated 130 locations in Russia. This continues the trend of major corporations cutting ties with Russia. 
  8. Scaling back
    Amazon is working to vacate approximately 10 million square feet of warehouse space by subletting or renegotiating leases in an effort to reduce excess capacity amid a slowdown in e-commerce operations. After reporting its first quarterly loss in seven years, Amazon acknowledged that it overbuilt in response to increased pandemic demand.
  9. Gassing you up?
    Ford has reached a $19.2 million settlement with 40 states and the District of Columbia in a lawsuit alleging false advertising about fuel economy and capacity for its pickup truck models from 2011-14. This is not the first time Ford has agreed to pay customers for misleading claims on the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. 
  10. The big freeze
    Uber has announced temporary reductions in hiring and budget cuts. Uber joins the ranks of other major tech companies that have paused hiring, including Facebook, Salesforce, and Twitter. 

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