How Does ZoomInfo Boost Productivity? Here’s What Customers Say

ZoomInfo delivers increased productivity for go-to-market professionals, helping them win more deals quicker, with better collaboration across departments. But don’t take our word for it — just listen to our customers.

The 2024 edition of ZoomInfo’s Customer Impact Report — based on surveys from some 7,000 users — reveals that our platform drives incredible increases in productivity and significant time savings.

  • Thanks to the superior data accuracy and coverage provided by ZoomInfo, sales professionals told us they sliced prospecting time in half, from an average of 20.7 hours per week to just 10.5 hours.
  • ZoomInfo’s continual investment in AI technologies and product improvements have resulted in an average 17% increase in time saved for ZoomInfo users in the past year. Some roles even reported productivity boosts of up to 55%, equating to impressive weekly hour savings.
  • On average, ZoomInfo customers are 64% more productive using our platform. This increased productivity facilitates stronger connections, reinforcing key partnerships and sustaining annual recurring revenue.
  • Sales Development Reps connect with prospects twice as often, from just 23% before ZoomInfo to 46% after adopting the platform, on average.
  • Account Executives boast dramatically higher win rates with our platform and data, moving from an average of just 34% with other solutions to 52% with ZoomInfo.

One Platform, Multiple GTM Solutions

The rapid surge of sales and marketing tools has left go-to-market (GTM) teams overwhelmed. ZoomInfo helps ease the “toggle tax” imposed by modern app overload with data and products that cater to the entire revenue-generation cycle.

Four out of five ZoomInfo customers have been able to remove at least one software tool from their daily workflow after implementing ZoomInfo. This not only streamlines operations but also enhances productivity.

Bridging the Gap between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing alignment is a high priority for GTM leaders. ZoomInfo plays a critical role in bridging this gap — after implementing ZoomInfo, 73% of marketers built stronger relationships with their sales counterparts.

This increased alignment is powered by a unified and real-time data asset, enabling better identification of emerging opportunities and propelling businesses to exceed customer acquisition goals.

Those are just some of the reasons our 35,000+ customers worldwide trust ZoomInfo to help them uncover insights, engage customers, and win faster. Find out more by reading the entire report today.