ZoomInfo & Gong Engage: Powerful Data, Improved Efficiency

Surveys with salespeople consistently highlight a troubling fact: the average sales rep only spends 28% of their week actually selling, with the rest of their days tied up managing complex and redundant workflows. 

To solve this nagging problem, leading go-to-market teams are increasingly looking for integrated tools and platforms to create more seamless workflows, improve customer experiences, and maximize technology budgets.

ZoomInfo’s integration with Gong Engage allows joint customers to leverage ZoomInfo’s robust datasets. By embracing the power of both ecosystems, customers can work more efficiently and eliminate friction throughout the sales cycle.

Streamline Sales Workflows for Increased Efficiency

Integrating ZoomInfo’s database with Gong Engage helps teams streamline their workflows and eliminate precious time that would otherwise be spent toggling between platforms. With a more efficient sales process, more time can be spent building relationships and closing deals — and with the best B2B data as the fuel, closing those deals becomes much more effortless.

The integration streamlines the sales process, saving reps time searching for the right company or contact, exporting that data, and matching it in a separate platform. Reps can seamlessly integrate contacts and leads from ZoomInfo into Salesforce and Gong Engage, combining multiple workflows into one.  

With easy access to ZoomInfo data, reps can also precisely target the right individuals and with the right message all in one place.

Ensure Accurate Data for Targeted Outreach

Even the best B2B data can’t really move the needle for go-to-market teams if they have trouble accessing it. At ZoomInfo, we highly prioritize our customers’ preferences and firmly believe that their access to high-quality data should never be compromised.

We also have an unparalleled commitment to data quality. With a team of 150+ dedicated data professionals, we diligently update and refresh over 1 billion data points every week. Our goal is to deliver precise and dependable information to optimize your targeting efforts. 

Learn more about the Gong Engage integration in the ZoomInfo Marketplace.