Exclusive preview: 15 data-backed Pipeline Plays

It’s here! The full, data-driven rundown of 100 Pipeline Plays is available today. Download the full book now and get started hitting your number.

At ZoomInfo, we use next-generation software to monitor millions of digital signals from around the globe. When the right signals are detected, automation tools can trigger proven sales plays.

This is the magic of data-driven automation: it enables a broad array of reliable and repeatable actions that you can set up, test, and optimize, offering a way to scale any business. 

We’ve compiled these data-driven Pipeline Plays from across the sales journey to help B2B revenue teams everywhere. They’re outlined here with straightforward steps that you can use to work more efficiently and hit your number.

We know these plays work because we’ve perfected them ourselves. Now it’s your turn to give them a test drive. Download this preview of our upcoming ebook today, and be on the lookout for the rest of the collection: 100 data-backed Pipeline Plays that you can adopt, customize, and make your own.