Account-based groundswell creation

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Senior-level prospects at large accounts can be difficult to reach. This play is designed to influence more accessible and responsive end-users to create a groundswell of demand. Eventually, interest either reaches a tipping point where the prospective buyer is overwhelmed by internal demand for your solution or you leverage the aggregated results to create a compelling case.

A good way to create groundswell is by offering a free trial to individual users at the account. Free trials allow them to test your product’s capabilities and experience its potential value. Run targeted campaigns through several channels, including social and display advertising, tailored landing pages, and SDR outreach.


  • Accounts that meet ICP criteria and have a high score
  • Large population of potential end-users
  • Target buyer unresponsive or unidentified


  • Launch prospecting campaigns and free trial offers through social and display ads, targeted email campaigns, and tailored landing pages