ZoomInfo Marketing: Account-Based Marketing Fueled by Unmatched Data

Account-based marketing is used by most B2B companies, and it’s easy to see why: it promises to bring marketing and sales closer together, target accounts as one revenue team, and drive bottom-line results. 

But despite the rapid adoption of ABM tools, its promise remains largely untapped. The reason? Poor data quality leads to targeting the wrong accounts at the wrong times and in the wrong way. 

At ZoomInfo, we’re changing that.

Today we’re introducing ZoomInfo Marketing — an account-based marketing platform designed to give marketers new ways to reach target accounts and drive qualified leads for sales. ZoomInfo Marketing provides an unparalleled view of buying signals in the market and a platform that orchestrates the next best action to ensure your teams go to market together. 

Here are four ways our new platform empowers marketers to effectively and efficiently land their target accounts.

1. The World’s Best Dynamic Real-Time Account Data

Strong data is the foundation of any successful ABM program — and our data is the best in the world. ZoomInfo has the most robust and accurate database available, with over 100 million contact record events and 38 million online sources scanned daily. We also boast a team of over 300 people who research and verify company information every day, an industry-leading 16 AI patents, and five third-party expert partners that supplement and verify our data.

“For the last two decades, our focus has been data,” says Hila Nir, chief product officer at ZoomInfo. “We have a very large data team that, day in and day out, aggregates, cleans, and creates sets of data. That’s why we’re the only vendor in the world that has the ability to create a very successful B2B marketing platform.”

With the breadth and depth of data we provide, marketers can drive qualified demand for their businesses like never before. This includes real-time intent data that notifies marketers when prospects are researching keywords relevant to their business, which helps them identify not only whom to contact, but when to contact them. Don’t just take our word for it: ZoomInfo’s B2B intent data is ranked No. 1 on G2.

ZoomInfo Marketing also includes ZoomInfo Enrich, which cross-checks your existing database with hundreds of ZoomInfo’s data points. This feature ensures your CRM and marketing automation data will always be accurate and up to date.

Now when you create an audience for a campaign, you can use a successful combination of ZoomInfo’s third-party data, such as intent signals, and your first-party data, such as website visitors. While both are powerful on their own, a combination of the two increases the likelihood of reaching the best possible prospects.

“Our comprehensive B2B database is the key differentiator that sets ZoomInfo Marketing apart from other ABM solutions,” says ZoomInfo Founder and CEO, Henry Schuck. “ZoomInfo’s unique data science algorithms allow marketers to connect with the right prospects at precisely the right time. No other solution on the market combines the power of data-driven insights and marketing-optimized workflows like ZoomInfo Marketing.”

2. A Connected System of Execution 

In the past, creating even a simple campaign required marketers to navigate multiple disconnected systems. With ZoomInfo Marketing, ZoomInfo offers end-to-end sales and marketing alignment on one platform. 

ZoomInfo Sales and ZoomInfo Marketing are built on the same data foundation, enabling teams to automate sales and marketing plays seamlessly across channels and share one view of the customer. ZoomInfo Marketing also includes strong integrations with popular sales and marketing systems, including Salesforce, Marketo, and Hubspot.

With our Workflows feature, marketers can set up triggers to alert sales when a marketing-qualified lead becomes a sales-qualified lead and direct the lead to the best-qualified sales rep. For example: When intent signals are identified for [list of target accounts], select [buying committee], add to [campaign], and assign to [sales rep]. 

This alignment saves marketers time and enables sales to act fast.

With ZoomInfo Chat, a conversational marketing tool, you can seamlessly route more qualified leads to your sales team. Sales reps are notified when a potential prospect lands on their website and are given the prospect’s information — including their name, title, and company — to help strike up an informed conversation via chatbot. 

Because ZoomInfo has long been the standard for sales teams to target the right accounts and accelerate pipeline, ZoomInfo Marketing breaks down the walls that keep marketing and sales from being aligned. Its lead-routing capabilities will ensure that the correct leads are sent to the correct sales reps at the correct time, every time.

3. Insight-Driven Campaigns

If you want to stop wasting money, ZoomInfo Marketing is your answer.

Based on your ideal customer profile settings, you can quickly engage high-value accounts and push tailor-made audiences into campaigns. With ZoomInfo Marketing you can also schedule your ad run, manage your budget, and launch a campaign onto Facebook and ZoomInfo’s in-house display advertising platform, all within one platform. 

While marketers have historically struggled with retargeting due to the lack of ability to qualify and parse out high-value traffic, ZoomInfo’s WebSights allows you to glean key information about anonymous website visitors and connect qualified traffic to your campaigns. 

You can also assess the performance of your campaigns, the audiences in those campaigns, and your spending on advertising with detailed reports. Remember: One view of reporting brings transparency and visibility across teams.

4. Beyond Account Targeting to Account Conversion 

ZoomInfo Marketing helps you drive that targeted audience further down the funnel. 

For example, our FormComplete feature can help turn prospects into customers by shortening your website forms to a minimal number of fields, helping to increase visitor response rates. If a prospect provides only their name and company — but not their job title or contact information — FormComplete can automatically fill in the rest. 

ZoomInfo Chat is also optimized for B2B conversion. Through an automated chatbot on your website, visitors can ask questions and receive the information they need to take the next step in the buyer’s journey. This creates an experience that leads site visitors into more pages, looking at more content, and ultimately raising their hand to talk.

Start Driving MQLs

ZoomInfo Marketing helps demand generation and account-based marketers target, engage, and convert leads to buyers by giving them world-class data, insight-driven orchestration, and personalized engagement across multiple channels. Your sales and marketing teams can finally reach true alignment to create a more seamless buying experience and convert more — and better — leads.