Zero waste ad targeting

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Demographics, firmographics, and technographics are crucial for identifying and building targeted audiences. But the real competitive edge comes when you can target accounts based on the behavior of their employees. Intent data captures which accounts are in the market for a particular solution. Intent signals are strongest when content consumption activities are much higher than average and multiple people at the company are involved.

By adding a layer of intent data to an ICP audience, you can hone in on good-fit groups that are more likely to engage and convert. Now you can spend more and waste less on targeted ad campaigns. You can also bear a higher cost for ad targeting when you know that conversion rates and deal sizes are more likely to be high.


  • Intent spikes for good-fit accounts with relevant job functions


  • Targeted ad campaign

“Potential buyers have to be a good-fit AND they have to be in-market. If you just have one or the other, there’s going to be waste. We want zero waste.”

Mitchell Hanson, director of demand generation at ZoomInfo