Why ZoomInfo Chat is the next-generation conversational marketing solution

Chatbots have the power to create a truly buyer-centric experience for customers. But the technology has yet to realize its full potential — until now. 

Acclaimed data expert and serial entrepreneur Peter Gentsch says in his book, AI in Marketing, Sales, and Services: “To the user, chatbots seem to be ‘intelligent’ due to their informative skills. However, chatbots are only as intelligent as the underlying database.” 

In a Forrester Opportunity Snapshot commissioned by the chat platform Ada, respondents noted that their chatbot platforms lack important functional capabilities, as seen in the graphic below: 

Chart describes how chatbots lack important functionality.
Source: Forrester

Without these capabilities and high-quality data, sales teams that implement chat can be overwhelmed by poor-quality leads. More importantly, they may be losing top-of-the-funnel prospects due to impersonal chat experiences. 

“Chat relies on personalization, and if you want to do personalization well, you need to have data. That is where ZoomInfo Chat comes in”, says Arjun Pillai, former CEO of Insent.ai and now SVP of Growth and Strategy at ZoomInfo. 

Welcome to the next generation of B2B Chat

Our latest product, ZoomInfo Chat, offers a range of high-quality, go-to-market chat solutions. This new addition comes through the acquisition of Insent.ai, our fully realized partner in conversational marketing technology. 

According to Drift, the number one use case for chatbots is to get a quick answer to a query. And in the Ada survey, 90% of customer service leaders agree that personalization is essential to the future of automation. 

ZoomInfo Chat goes well beyond providing automated FAQ responses or handling escalations. It accelerates the sales process by creating new and compelling customer service experiences through personalization based on ZoomInfo’s best-in-class data

The result is real intelligence in your conversational marketing strategy to change how you convert your website leads. 

Here’s how: 

1. Identify your prospect and where they are visiting from

ZoomInfo Chat identifies who is visiting your website and which company domain they are using with our leading IP-to-Company data. Recognizing your visitors from the moment they land on your website allows you to create a highly personalized experience for them. 

Diagram shows how ZoomInfo Chat builds a record of a website visitor using various online sources.

2. Qualify prospects based on your ideal customer profile 

ZoomInfo Chat engages visitors based on your marketing team’s internal criteria for your ideal customer profile. This helps you convert a larger chunk of the visitors who make it to your website. 

3. Build automated conversations for prospects 

The ZoomInfo Chatbot is interactive and dynamic. Its chatflow builder helps develop personalized website experiences to engage your visitors. It enables teams to set up preset responses that help prospects find what they are looking for. It clarifies intent, directs them to specific informational pages, and serves them with the appropriate content to address their needs. 

Finally, when the time is right, the chatbot prompts visitors to fill out a form within the chat or connects them directly to a live agent.

Screenshots show how ZoomInfo Chat's chatflow builder creates preset message responses.

It also enables you to A/B test your messaging to figure out what compels your visitors to take action.  

4. Book more meetings 

For your sales team, it’s all about capturing that next meeting with a qualified prospect. However, no business runs 24/7. A primary benefit of installing chat on your website is the ability to book meetings even when live agents are unavailable. 

ZoomInfo Chat comes with an online meeting scheduler that lets visitors schedule meetings with your sales team directly through a chat experience without speaking to a sales rep. It also integrates with form fills to convert them into meetings. 

Screenshot show ZoomInfo Chat's online meeting scheduler.

5. Get notified when your prospect is ready for a conversation

When visitors engage with ZoomInfo Chat on your website, it can alert the sales team that a prospect is asking questions that signify an interest in purchasing your product or service. It does this either natively or through Slack so that sales reps can take immediate action to facilitate the sale.

 “It’s exciting that when a highly valuable prospect is on your website, ZoomInfo Chat can identify, qualify, and proactively alert you that a specific person from a  particular company is on one of your pages. It makes a huge difference in your sales workflow when reps get proactive alerts, rather than going in to look for them in your system,” Pillai explains.  

6. Improve the quality of live conversations with your prospects

Once a chatbot passes the conversation on to a live chat session with a sales agent, the ZoomInfo platform provides a plethora of contextual information that improves the quality of the conversation.

Sales reps have access to highly relevant information related to firmographics, technographics, location, budget, size, and competitors. This empowers your sales reps to have deal-winning conversations in real-time and handle any objections that might come up. 

Screenshot shows an example of contextual information ZoomInfo Chat provides to sales reps about site visitors.

7. Make chat part of your sales and marketing technology stack 

Well-implemented chatbots and live chat can open a window into customer behavior throughout your sales funnel. ZoomInfo Chat integrates with your CRM, marketing automation, and collaboration software to directly route the most promising conversations to your sales team. 

Utilize Chat on your website today 

ZoomInfo Chat is a conversational marketing solution that far exceeds the previous generation of chatbots. Not only does it integrate chat into your overall business workflows to improve lead scoring and conversion — but it’s also easy to set up and user-friendly. 

Schedule a demo today to see ZoomInfo Chat in action and learn how it can help your team convert more prospects into customers.