RingLead-Snowflake Connector: No-Code Data Sync Across Your Tech Stack

The massive shift from on-premise to cloud data management over the past decade has unleashed incredible innovation and opportunity for companies in virtually every industry. But it has also created significant challenges:

  • A need for highly technical cloud IT and data teams
  • New data silos
  • Internal data access bottlenecks

Without a custom-coded IT solution that keeps data flowing properly between systems, accessing unified, 360-degree customer data has been difficult for sales and marketing teams — until now. 

ZoomInfo-Enriched Data for Any Tool in Your Tech Stack

ZoomInfo’s RingLead-Snowflake Connector offers Snowflake’s nearly 8,000 customers easy access to cleansed, normalized, and enriched Snowflake data and lets them fuel other Snowflake users with sales and marketing data — no code required. Sales and marketing teams can quickly access ZoomInfo data, as well as any first- and third-party data they need, plus any data services outputs, directly from Snowflake in an easy-to-use, codeless experience. 

Our RingLead-Snowflake Connector serves revenue operations (RevOps) teams in three main ways: 

1. Create new records in CRMs: Connect to your Snowflake instance, select which database and table you want to pull data from, apply filters, and export or pipe clean normalized data directly into your CRM.

2. Enrich existing records in your CRM: Orchestrate first- and third-party data together using multi-vendor enrichment on all existing records in your CRM. Build custom packages, apply field manipulations, layer on other data sources, and apply to any bulk, single-record, or real-time enrichment task.

3. Enrich Snowflake tables with third-party data: Merge all third-party data sources to build a truly unified, comprehensive Data Cloud in Snowflake. Bring together multiple data sources (such as ZoomInfo and ClearBit) and match, cleanse, normalize, and enrich Snowflake tables.

Work Autonomously with Your Company’s Data Cloud

The RingLead-Snowflake Connector removes data silos, automates data management tasks, and replaces expensive reverse ETL tools (used to extract, transform, and load data from a data cloud into an endpoint like a CRM solution) with a consolidated, easy-to-use, easy-to-administer platform. Other benefits for RevOps teams include:

  • Enhancing Marketing: Marketing teams can use Snowflake data to produce stronger analytics, better segmentation, and more effective campaigns. For example, teams can automatically push new prospects or lead information from multiple sources into their CRM or MAT. With access to accurate lists of accounts and contacts, including both first- and third-party data attributes, you can drop records into a personalized campaign, paving the way for a better customer experience.
  • Enabling Sales: Sales teams can more easily surface upsell opportunities by unifying product use data, CRM account information, and your Data Cloud, along with ZoomInfo data and any other third-party sources. For example, teams can identify customers who are power users of your product — three months ahead of their renewal date — and run an upsell sales play or other relevant outreach at them.
  • Operationalizing Data: Operations teams can use multi-vendor enrichment to append data to a Snowflake table and create a more complete profile of each customer. Ensure data in all systems is fresh, comprehensive, and accurate in both directions. Consolidate technology systems by achieving reverse ETL without expensive point solutions. Write back newly cleansed and enriched data from multiple vendors directly into Snowflake without requiring SQL knowledge. Then, rapidly analyze and draw insights from enriched Snowflake data tables, leading to a more effective GTM engine.

One Data Cloud, Multiple Sources, Enriched Everywhere

The ability to combine data from all sources without specialized programming skills and create comprehensive customer profiles available in all applications is a huge advantage for your RevOps teams. 

Empower your teams with seamless, rapid access to the enriched customer data they need, anywhere they need it, with ZoomInfo’s RingLead-Snowflake Connector. Talk with a data specialist to find out more today.