Find passive candidates using the ‘Likely to Listen’ filter

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You’ve defined your ideal candidate profile, written the perfect job description, advertised on job boards and other platforms, but still haven’t found anyone with the right qualifications. It’s time to start seeking passive candidates who are likely to listen to outreach from recruiters. 


In your candidate search, you’ve exhausted the results from sites where candidates say they are open to work, or you want to add more passive candidates to your talent pool.  


  • Use ZoomInfo TalentOS and turn on the ‘Likely to Listen’ search filter to discover candidates that, based on several variables, might be open to outreach from a recruiter. 
  • View candidates and read their ‘Likely to Listen’ details to see what might interest them in a new role. 
  • Select the best-fit candidates for outreach and add them to a Talent Flow in ZoomInfo Engage or export into your ATS.