Find similar candidates to your ideal candidate profile

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After you’ve found candidates who have the right background and skills, you can start looking for similar candidates to expand your talent pool.

If you’re hiring for an employee-level position, you can find a set of similar candidates based on traits such as seniority, location, technical skills, and industry. 

If you’re hiring at an executive level, you can find a similar set of candidates with specific VP or C-level skills. 


You found the perfect candidate but they are not open to change or refuse your offer and you’d like to find someone with similar experience. 


  • Select potential candidates from within a company’s organizational chart in ZoomInfo TalentOS
  • Click the option to ‘Find Similar Candidates’ to view candidates with similar experience at other companies in similar industries, job functions, and departments. 
  • Select all the candidates you are interested in export the list to use with ZoomInfo Engage or your ATS.