How to reach out to executive candidates

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You need to hire for a C-suite level position and have prepared a detailed ideal candidate profile for the role. Now you want to build a list of qualified executive candidates and reach out to them.


A C-suite level vacancy has been identified. 

As an internal recruiter, you have received a request to start the hiring process.


As an agency recruiter, you have been hired to fill the vacancy on behalf of a client. 


  • Create a search for your ideal candidate profile in ZoomInfo TalentOS based on job title, industry, experience, and other criteria such as management level. 
  • If you have a few candidates in mind, search for their name in the quick search bar. Click into their candidate profile, and then into their current company and org charts
  • Click on a candidate and select “Find Similar Candidate” to identify other executive candidates who fit your search criteria.