How ZoomInfo TalentOS Can Help Your B2B Recruitment Efforts

When in doubt, turn to the data — that’s our rule of thumb at ZoomInfo.

That’s because no matter what department or industry, success comes down to data and the decisions you make with it.

Today we’re going to take a look at how to use important data insights from our platform to combat the main obstacles recruiters face in their day-to-day workflows.

Firmographic data like contact information and company location can be the determining factor between you getting in contact with a potential candidate or not. 

Core Pain Points for Recruiters

We know salespeople and marketers are focused on building a qualified pipeline, but so are recruiters. 

And it turns out there’s a lot that stands in the way of choosing the perfect candidate. Below are a few core pain points for recruiters.

  • Encountering passive candidates 
  • Finding and attracting qualified candidates
  • Conducting candidate research
  • Building a talent pipeline
  • Using the right data
  • Choosing the right recruitment software

All of these obstacles can render recruitment ineffective because they ultimately waste time. A database platform that aims to combat these pain points can save recruiters and candidates time, money, and lots of stress. 

Where Does ZoomInfo TalentOS Come In?

ZoomInfo TalentOS‘s extensive database of contact information is a recruiter’s best friend. 

Picture this: You need talent. You head over to your new recruitment database. You load things up and instantly realize you can source your ideal candidates with the help of genuinely actionable data.

4 Ways ZoomInfo TalentOS Helps Recruitment Efforts

ZoomInfo TalentOS is more than just data. It puts that data together to provide a well-rounded picture of potential candidates. Here are just a few ways that ZoomInfo TalentOS can help solve crucial recruiter pain points. 

1. Sourcing Qualified Candidates

ZoomInfo offers recruiting professionals a wealth of candidate contact information, including both their business and mobile phone numbers, as well as personal and professional email addresses. This comes in handy when seeking out passive candidates. 

Imagine finding the perfect candidate and never being able to have a simple conversation with them? That’s where ZoomInfo comes in.

Not only does our database provide contact information; its in-depth profiles also tell you about a candidate’s academic and employment history, certifications, accolades, as well as their current company org chart. 

This information is imperative for talent sourcing and can provide recruiters with the initial data they need in order to determine whether or not someone is going to be a good fit.  

2. Reaching Passive Candidates 

Your dream candidate is out there — they might just be a passive candidate. Undoubtedly, this puts the onus on the recruiter to find this person.

Because of ZoomInfo’s extensive database, recruiters can connect with skilled candidates whether or not they are actively seeking out a new position. This makes the process faster and more effective. 

3. Building a Talent Pipeline

Have you been scouring LinkedIn for the perfect candidates, constantly refreshing profiles, and incessantly messaging? (Stalker, much?)

Instead, it’s time to start sourcing fresh candidates in order to build a healthy talent pipeline.

With ZoomInfo’s Chrome extension, Reach Out, recruiters and hiring managers can access business and personal contact information directly from a candidate’s LinkedIn profile page.

4. Stay Connected to Target Industries

With ZoomInfo, you can get staffing needs delivered directly to your workflows. 

How? By providing real-time hiring signals via intent data. 

These alerts include things like funding rounds, product launches, executive changes, and other company insights that may indicate professionals are ready for a change in position. You can also receive alerts for online search and consumption patterns that reveal who is looking for what. 

What Now?

If you’re a recruiter, you need a database full of quality, up-to-date information on potential candidates. It’s the only way you’ll be able to source qualified candidates while simultaneously building a healthy talent pipeline.

ZoomInfo’s database for recruiters addresses key pain points of hiring managers and recruiting professionals by making it easy to search for both passive and active candidates. ReachOut can take information straight from potential candidate’s LinkedIn profiles and integrate them into your workflow. 

What are you waiting for?