Use ReachOut to increase touchpoints and win over prospective candidates

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You are managing a talent pipeline and using LinkedIn Recruiter as your recruitment platform. However, you find that you’re struggling to get candidates to respond to your InMails and move them into the recruiting process

You are aware that it takes three touch points to earn a response from prospective candidates, so you’re looking to create more opportunities to get in touch. The average response rate of a LinkedIn InMail is between 10–25%. That means that if you’re only using LinkedIn InMail, you’re missing 75–90% of your potential pipeline. 

You want to use ZoomInfo’s TalentOS, ReachOut, and Engage to find the direct email contact information you need to take immediate action and target candidates with custom emails and personalized recruiting messages Personalization is a powerful tool for making connections with candidates and driving up response rates. ZoomInfo Engage can be used to do this at scale.


  • You are not receiving enough responses from candidates on LinkedIn’s InMail
  • You want to increase your chances of making contact with candidates by using automated emails to contact candidates on a regular cadence. 


  • Add TalentOS to your tech stack, then download and install the ReachOut chrome extension
  • Open the ReachOut chrome extension and browse through LinkedIn. 
  • Then, add candidates to an Engage ‘Talent Flow’ or send a one-off email to candidates as you discover them. 
  • Add candidates to a call list or email series. 

“I love the fact that TalentOS is easy. It used to take 2–3 days, sometimes a week, to do our sourcing. And now, we can source a project in 2 days. Start to finish. And with TalentOS, we’ve seen our productivity go up. We used to do 50 calls a day. Evenour junior recruiters can average 100–150 calls a day (with Engage).” 

Mary Watkins, Director of Talent Acquisition at Baker Growth Specialist