How to Scale Hiring for Sales Roles Using Talentflows

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The sales team at your company needs to grow quickly, including hiring multiple sales development representatives (SDRs). The hiring manager has shared an in-depth job description and is requesting candidates with at least three years of experience working in sales, extensive experience with CRMs, sales automation, and prospecting tools, and a strong track record of results.


  • An urgent need to increase or expand sales hiring efforts.
  • The recruitment process has started. 
  • The intake call with a sales hiring manager has been completed. 
  • You have a job description and are ready to start finding and engaging sales talent. 


  • Use TalentOS to search for ideal candidates, based on specific criteria provided by the hiring manager during intake. 
  • Build a talent pipeline of active and passive candidates.
  • Use ZoomInfo Engage to contact ideal candidates with a compelling first round of emails, a second email to warm candidates who opened the first, and a final attempt to interest them in your sales role. 

“TalentOS makes me feel like I have the equivalent of a full sales funnel of candidates. Before I start a search, I already know ZoomInfo is going to show me a plethora of candidates that fit our needs.”

Jen Chelini
Executive Search Consultant at Leap Solutions