How to use ReachOut to connect with candidates from LinkedIn

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You’re using LinkedIn to source candidates—along with over 90% of recruiters. Unfortunately, the average response rate of a LinkedIn InMail is between 10 and 25%, making it a real challenge to connect with candidates in volume

To distinguish yourself from recruiters that are only using LinkedIn InMail, engage candidates using the channels that they may be monitoring even more diligently than LinkedIn. A survey by found that 81% of recruiters choose to connect with candidates using LinkedIn while only 14% go further to find an email address and only 5% try to reach candidates via phone. 

You can access this essential information with the ZoomInfo TalentOS ReachOut feature.


  • A candidate hasn’t responded to your LinkedIn InMail message.
  • You want to create multiple contact touchpoints to reach candidates.


  • Add TalentOS to your tech stack, then download and install the ReachOut chrome extension
  • Click on the extension icon to access the ReachOut tool as an overlay when you are using LinkedIn. 

Now when you’re looking at a candidate list, you can view complete contact information and filter candidates by a variety of fields (e.g., location, title, likely to listen, diversity and inclusion). From an ideal candidate’s profile, you can view similar individuals based on qualifications, such as job title, seniority, department, industry, and location. Then you can export desired prospects and their contact information to your ATS, a project, spreadsheet, or recruiting campaign — or instantly contact them using ZoomInfo Engage

“ZoomInfo created a platform that allows us to find the talent we need in a user-friendly way. With TalentOS, we not only get access to candidates, but also information on their companies, which is critical in the current market. TalentOS combines different resources into one, so everything is at our fingertips.”

Kim Laipple, Vice President, Recruiting Operations, Scientific Search