What’s New: Crelate, Quick Search, Schedule Reminders, and Chorus Scheduler

Our latest updates and product improvements are live, with added features spanning our ZoomInfo Talent, ZoomInfo Marketing, and Chorus solutions — each one designed to help you do your job more effectively.

ZoomInfo Talent

ZoomInfo Talent has a new integration with Crelate, a software tool that saves recruiters time by automating their workflows. Now you can export candidate records from ZoomInfo Talent and match or update existing accounts in Crelate, add candidates from ZoomInfo Talent to Crelate job records, and push candidates directly from LinkedIn to Crelate via ReachOut.

Additionally, we’ve improved the ZoomInfo Talent platform to update existing contacts in Engage automatically. Now recruiters can export records directly to Engage without receiving a duplicate record popup message.

Lastly, we’ve improved our Quick Search feature to identify the right candidate or company faster than ever. When searching, use the plus (+) symbol to quickly find the best-fit candidates — for example, enter “candidate’s name + job title” or “candidate’s name + company name” for more precise search results.

ZoomInfo Marketing

Our ZoomInfo Marketing update helps minimize meeting no-shows with a simple, customizable email that ensures all attendees are reminded of the date, time, and location of an upcoming meeting. ZoomInfo Schedule allows prospects and customers to immediately schedule a meeting after filling out a form on your website. It also automatically creates an event in your CRM, sends a confirmation email, and adds the details to Google and Microsoft calendars. 


We’ve improved Chorus Scheduler for Microsoft Outlook’s calendar to make any meeting compliant with privacy regulations with just one click. When attendees join the meeting, they can be automatically directed to a dynamic and customizable landing page that updates compliance prompts based on their IP addresses. This feature allows you to obtain the explicit consent required to be GDPR-compliant and ensure compliance across your entire team. 

As our team continuously improves our platform, you can find all our major updates and features, past and present, in our What’s New at ZoomInfo video series.